Common mistakes when cleaning windows.

Window cleaning is part of cleaning the house and helps keep the dirt from building up. Most people have experience when windows, either car or house windows get dirty and they are a distraction when looking through them to the outside or inside. Here are some common mistakes that most people make when cleaning windows.

*Sunny days- When the sun is shining on windows, especially on warm days, the moisture on the windows will dry up quickly. It is best to clean the windows when the sun is not blaring down.

*Spraying cleaner on dirty windows- When we spray cleaner on dirty windows, the dirty will turn into a muddy mix and then will have a mess to clean up. Before spraying, either sweep or vacuum the area to remove excess dirt and debris.

*Use as much cleaner as is needed- Do not worry about how much cleaner to use on the windows. Especially when the window is dirty. The more cleaner that is used, the cleaner that window.

*Old cotton rag for drying-Cotton rags do not absorb the wetness, so it is best to use a microfiber cloth. Absorbs the wetness better, picks up the dirty better and leaves a shine on the window. Some may want to use paper towels, if so, use a sturdy paper towel that will not tear or rip. Bounty paper towels work great.

*Squeegees- The down side to a squeegee is when it is being used, the water mostly goes down and spills on the floor. And also the blades on the squeegee wear down quicker.

*Cleaning all the windows- It is recommended to clean the windows 1-2 time a year. So if there are ALOT of windows, split them up and work on them throughout the year. One tip is on one side of the window clean horizontally and the other side to clean vertically. When streaks appear, that way you will know what side of the window needs to be redone.

Hope this has helped you to become a better window cleaner.