Simple and creative projects to uplift the home.

Have you experienced a time coming home and walking through the door and not liking how the home feels? There seems to be something missing, home does not feel or look comfortable as a home should? Maybe the home needs a simple, but creative way to bring it to “life” again.

As the home owner, do you get use to how the home is decorated, the colors, and other items that make a home a house. Here are some ideas.

*Paint the steps-Like what the title says, paint the steps and stain the tread or the other way around. Use contrasting colors, ex. colors of the rainbow, color wheel and so on. Tap into the creative side of the brain.

*Chalkboard wall- This idea might be up in the air for some, meaning some parents would be negative towards the idea of allowing kids to draw on the walls. Whatever the choose is, this may work for your family.

*Decorate the mailbox- Whether landscaping with flowers, plants, artificial flowers/plants or decorating the mailbox with paint, be creative with it and find what works for the home owner.

*Paint kitchen cabinets-Adding colored paint to the kitchen cabinets, will boost the mood in the kitchen.

*Front door- Painting the front door a brighter color will draw the eye to the spot.

*Wall paper the walls- Wall paper will add color, pattern and texture to the home.

*Wall murals- Add art to the wall, through artist paintings, pictures of the family or other pictures (ocean, animals, scenery’s,…).

*Wallpaper a door- Dressing up the door with color, texture and pattern. Find your mood.

*Turn closet to home office- Have an extra closet in the house, not sure what to do with it. Make a home office. Great for homes with little space and rooms. When not in use, close the door, out of sight and out of mind.

*Paint tile backsplash-Use sandpaper to scoff the tile, use adhesive primer, two coats, then let dry and roll on two coats of oil-based semi gloss paint.

*Brighten cabinets inside-Feel the inside of the cabinets are too dark, add color to brighten it up.

*Ladder- Use a small ladder as a towel rack.

*Stain glass window- Add a stain glass window in the bathroom next to the shower. It will add color, texture and be private.

*Paint a welcome mat-Paint the front patio with paint and a creative design.

*Mirror tiles-Mirror tiles are a great way and simple to add a mirror. These tiles will allow light to bounce around and help the room to feel bigger.

*Flower box uplift- Adding flower boxes all around the home, will boost the outside of the home.

Hope these ideas well start the creative side of the brain thinking.