Creative ways to reuse fall leaves.

As fall gets closer to us, and the leaves change colors and start to fall, have you ever thought to reuse the leaves for different ways. Most people put them bags and then go to the trash. Here are some creative ideas to reuse leaves.

Cover your flowers- As the temperature change and even get cold, fall leaves make a “great way “blanket” to cover up your flowers and protect them during the winter. When spring comes, make sure to remove the leaves to allow the sun to give them warmth.

Potato bin- A potato bin is a small area to grow potatoes. To protect the potatoes, put up a tall area around the potatoes to keep out animals. For the fall leaves, the leaves act like a blanket to keep the ground moist.

Food for the lawn or garden- Take the leaves and shred them with a lawn mower. Allow the leaves to decompose and feed the lawn.

Compost pile- Add the leaves to the compost pile. More nutrients for the garden and/or lawn.

A leaf wreath- Take those beautiful colored leaves and make a simple wreath for the outside of the door.

Make a leaf bowl. These are the items you will need, a balloon, a hand full of leaves, paint brush, glue and scissors. Use your creativeness in make a leaf bowl.

Hope these ideas gets your creative brain thinking.