Effective ways to clean your house.

The dreaded cleaning of the house.  No one wants to do it, except the dirty house will not clean itself.  Here are some effective ways to help you to keep the house and family clean.

*Cleaning is not fun, except there are ways to make it fun for the whole family.  Use your creative thinking to come up with ways for cleaning to be fun.

*Clean the “whole” house- If we think about the phrase… doing the entire home at the same time the owner will feel good about how the house feels and looks.  The owner will also feel they accomplished a task that day.

*Have all the cleaning supplies together- Keeping all the cleaning supplies together will help in doing the work.

*Get rid of clutter- It will be easier to clean when items are picked up and put away in the proper place.  Then the fun begins.

*Dust and vacuum- The built up of dust on furniture and other items makes them look old.  As it says in the beginning of this paragraph, first dust and then vacuum.

*Clean mirrors and glass- Using a wet micro cloth followed by a dry cloth to clean the extras behind.

*Disinfect countertops and other surface area- Getting rid of the extra germs where hands touch, items are put down and where food could touch.  Cleaning these areas will help family, pets and friends.

*The “creepy” bathroom- Why clean the “creepy” bathroom?  There are lots of germs that seem to be attracted there.  Spray the cleaning solution and let sit for a few minutes, then wipe or spray with water.

*Sweep, then mop- If a person is mopping first, the dirt on the floor would be moved around only.  That is why we should sweep then mop with clean water and mop.

*Vacuum- “To vacuum or not to vacuum, that is the question.” Yes the carpets need cleaning as will.  Carpets get dirty as much as bare floors do.  As you vacuum, listen to music, if you have more than one vacuum, make it a race or see who can clean with “quality” the fastest.

AND last of all, make sure to clean the items that are used for the cleaning.

Remember, cleaning is GOOD.