Front porch ideas

The front porch is the first thing your neighbors, friends and family will see when they walk and drive by. Most, if not all, want the front porch to be pleasing to the eyes of those who come near the home. Here are some creative ideas to help the front porch look appeasing to the eyes.

*Relaxing veranda- A place to relax after a long day or just getting up for the day, make a comforting. Adding wicker chairs or rocking chairs that are white will bring a calming feeling. Add a small table for snacks and drinks and add a few decoration.

*Colorful plants and flowers- Adding color and beauty to the porch is very appeasing to the eyes and even brightens the area. If you do not have a green thumb, go with artificial flowers and put them in flower pots and other containers.

*Modern marvel- Add a water fall, it all depends on how the porch is laid out. Even do small water fall decorations.

*Porch swing- Who does not like to sit in a swing? Swing or rocking can help relax a person.

*Bright front door-Having a bright front door is very appeasing to the eyes of the beholder.

*Seasonal porches- Decorate the front porch with the different seasons, holidays and special occasions.

*Secure your packages- Find a container that has a lock on it for the packages that the mailman brings or FEDEX or UPS, to keep them safe.

*Fun lights- For example, white Christmas lights or even multi-color lights to add light the front of the home. This not only adds lightening, but brightens up the home for all the neighbors to see.

*Retractable awning- In the summer days when it gets “hot”, having a awning helps keep the sun off the home owners while they enjoy the outdoors.

*Night light- Having a motion sensor lighting for the front porch when it is dark, helps those that are coming up to the porch or leaving the porch to be safe from trip hazards that are outside. Also keeps away those that chose to do bad.

Hope these ideas have helped the creative part of the brain think of ideas for the front porch. Here is a link to another page of ideas.