Helping to keep the grass green during the summer months.

There are different solutions out in the world in keeping the grass green during the summer month. Let us look at one item to think about, grass itself. There are different types of grass to choose from. Some is good for shady areas, while other grass needs sun. Some grass needs less water than other types of grass. This is just one thing to think of when keeping the grass green.

So without further a-do, here are some simple DIY ideas.

*Cutting high– When cutting the grass, move the blade up to the highest setting and cut from that setting. The taller the blades of grass, the more shade for the roots and the ground will be moist. It is recommended no shorter than three inches.

*Watering with the right amount of water– Watering either everyday or every other day, in the mornings when the sun is down low. Also try watering deeply, allowing more water to get down into the ground where the roots are at. The recommended amount of water is one-one and half inches per week.

*Mower maintenance- By having the mower blades regularly sharped, will help the grass cut. Dull blades will only tear the grass and each blade tip will be brown. Check your local lawn mower business, they would be able to help with maintenance or if your a handy man DIY person. You got this.

*Fertilizer- If the home owner is not sure which fertilizer to use, consult a landscape company for help. It is recommended to fertilize the lawn every six weeks, during the spring into fall. If the grass grows to fast, get a fertilizer with lower nitrogen content fertilizer between 10 and 14. This will keep the green and slow the process of the grass growing so fast.

On a side note, of the grass is already brown color, not too a person can do. Keep watering, but not as much, this will put stress on the grass.