How to add character to your exterior house on a low budget.

There are different ways to add charm to your home’s exterior on a nice easy budget.  Some ideas are plain right out in front of you and others are challenging and creative, depending on what you as the home are looking for.  Here are some ideas for your home’s exterior. These ideas are DIY small projects.


*Shutters- they add character to the home around the windows.  Different colors can make the windows pop.

*Window boxes- They also add character to the outside of the home and allow flowers to add to the character as well.

*Flower beds- Similar to the window boxes for flowers, flower beds allow more of a variety of flowers and small plants to beautify the home.

*Stone border- Using stone can add character to the outer part of the home.  It all depends on the home owner’s taste and budget.

*Paint- Adding paint to the home definitely adds character.  Depending on the color, the color can make the house pop.

*Replacing exterior light fixtures- Depending what type of character the home owner is looking for will depend on the light fixture.  Sometimes adding paint, a finish or good cleaning can help the house have character.

*Updating garage door- When we think of updating items, we always think of buying a newer item.  If the homeowner is not able to do so, adding paint or decoration will help.

*Use reclaimed wood- Reclaim wood is wood that has been used prior. If the wood is in good shape to be used again, use it, and save money.

Hope these simple ideas help.  Encourage you to search for other ideas.