How to add value to your home.

“Home sweet home. This is the place to find happiness. If one doesn’t find it here, one doesn’t find it anywhere“. M.K. Soni

The home in is an important part of the family and life itself. Home is where most finds rest from the world, time with family and friends, Safe from the weather; when it is nasty, save from crime and a place to make heaven on earth.

Listed above are good things to have in a home. There are others ways to make a home valuable to our families and to other people as well. Here are some ways to increase the value of the home.

*Home office space- One way is to have a home-office space. When there is not a room to use as an office, have a room that can function as a multi-purpose room. Part office, reading and homework spot. A removable divider can be used to separate the room for a little privacy.

*Add the ceiling as another wall- Now a days, the ceiling can be added to the interior decorating of the room. Make the ceiling pop with a bright color, add wooden beams to make it look rustic, add shiplap also to make it feel rustic and homey.

*Lawn- Have a lawn that is green, manicured and kept up will definitely add value to the home. The outside is the first thing people see and they form an opinion of the rest of the house if/if not the lawn and the rest of the yard is taken care of.

*Windows- Replacing older windows with new efficient energy windows that help keep the weather out and are safe. Impact safety resistant windows are similar to car windows, these type of windows do not shatter and will keep the weather outside and dry inside.

*Adding living space- Adding extra square footage to the home, not only makes it bigger and allows for more room, but also value. Whether an enclosed porch or patio or adding an addition to the home, it is all the same. Value, value and value.

*Mildew- Removing mildew from the home, will keep the exterior and interior from major damage in the long run. Start by pressure washing the exterior and letting it dry. Next add a mildew and mold proof painting.

*Trimming- Remove old and termite invested wood with low-maintenance, all-weather PVC millwork, which resists insects, rot and termites.

*Window in the bathroom- Upgrade the main or master bathroom with a privacy window that will allow sunlight to come in the bathroom. It is a great focal point when entering.

*Columns- Replacing the exterior columns with fiberglass, which are low maintenance and need no painting every year, and will look great to the eyes.

*Bay windows- These type of windows add visual appeal to a room. These type of window are great as a picture window, looking outside in. Put a Christmas tree near the window with extra lights and decorate the window with window stickers. A Christmas picture window.

Hope these ideas have sparked ideas on how to improve the place you call home.