Inexpensive ways to decorate for fall.

Since summer is coming close to the end and the weather will start to cool down and the trees and bushes will start to lose leaves, let us talk about some simple ways to make fall colors into the home. Those colors would be warm and inviting others into the home to gather in a nice warm atmosphere.

Wreath– Time to bring out the art supplies and wind up the brain to be creative. Either use construction paper to make the leaves or use the leaves from outside to make a wreath. You will need glue, scissors and your brain to think of creative ways to make a simple wreath or unique one. Here we go!

Pumpkins– For fall colors to work, we will need pumpkins to put outside and inside where others will see and feel and smell that fall is on the way. Pick out one-three pumpkins that fit your budget and be creative with them.

Outside items– Bring in from nature what is outside, inside. Different items such as sticks, pine cones, acorns and leaves and make an art project for the family to do or an individual. If you do not have a yard, go to a park and collect nature items there.

Artificial decorations– The best place to find these type of decorations is at Thrift stores during the different seasons. These type of decorations can be used over and over again.

Pillow cases– When it comes to pillow cases for the different seasons, why buy new when you can buy used. Yes, thrift stores again would have good used pillow cases in colors of the season. When the season is over, change them out.

Display blankets– When the weather changes, the blankets and warm comforts come out of the closets and lay or drape over the couches and chairs. Even you they are not used, keep them out, the fall colors will make the home feel like fall has arrived.

Cinnamon– Pumpkin spice and cinnamon are definitely fall smells that invigorate the mind and uplift the mood in the home.

Baskets– Color and texture of fall is in baskets. Place baskets in the different rooms of the home and put fruit, cinnamon sticks and other items in them to help make the home a place for fall.

Hope these ideas help and even get the creative side of the brain working.