Preventing mold in the basement.

Mold, for those who do not know what “mold” is, here is the break down. It is a fungus, that produces tiny spores and sends them out to find other wet areas and will attach themselves. Temperatures between 60-80 degrees and a nice wet spot is what mold looks for. Mold can be different colors, from white to green to black. Black is not the most common type. The CDC shares a list of four common types. If there is a small amount of mild, water, soap or bleach will get rid of the pores.

Let us check out how to stop mold in its tracks from forming.

*Look for condensation on windows and walls, especially when the cold temperatures come and the exterior is cold and the interior is warm.

*Look for water leaks and clean up immediately and let the area dry before priming with mildew primer and paint.

*Remove water damaged ceiling tiles, drywall , insulation, carpeting and any furniture out of the space and let dry before repairing and replacing.

*Using a dehumidifier in the basement to take away unwanted humidity in the air. Mold does not like humidity below 60%.

*Clean your air ventilation system regular by replacing the filters, and also check the air intake system for any developing mold.

*Ventilation is needed to help control mold. By adding fans will allow air flow in the areas where mold may grow.

Hope these ideas will help in controlling mold in the basement and other areas of the house.