Sound proofing a home

Noises from inside to outside can be an annoyance to most people. What are some ways to keep the noises around us, from bothering us?

  1. Seal up holes and cracks- Noise will travel any direction it can go, from big areas to small tiny areas where the eye may not see. Use caulking in any cracks or small holes in the walls, windows and door frames. The use of expanding foam is also a good use.
  2. Install high-quality storm windows- Double stain windows, the thick windows are the best. Most of the sound is kept out, especially outdoor sounds.
  3. Add caps to chimneys- Adding caps at the top of the chimneys, will reduce the outdoors sounds.
  4. Add insulation to the attic and walls- Adding extra insulation to the attic, basement and the walls of the home is always a good idea for both sound and weather temperatures.
  5. Add central air conditioning- Removing the window ac units, will cut back on sound proofing the rooms in the house.
  6. Add mass to walls- Here is some ideas to adding mass to walls where noises are coming in. Add Insulation, Install a Second Layer of Drywall With Green Glue, Use Resilient Clips & Channels, Add Mass Loaded Vinyl, Build a New Wall in Front of Existing and Install Acoustic Foam Panels