Step by Step for painting the house.

After the years go by, the exterior paint on the house will fade and start to feel blah and look old. What the house may need is a refresh, liven up the outside with fresh new paint. Some may not know where to start or how to begin. This article will help get you started and help you on your way to giving a fresh new look to the house.

So, let us start with what is needed for painting a home.

Materials Needed:

  • exterior flat or eggshell paint
  • exterior semigloss paint
  • pressure washer
  • paint sprayer
  • paintbrush
  • painter’s tape
  • drop cloths
  • ladder
  • paint scraper
  • stain-blocking primer
  • epoxy filler
  • medium-grit sanding block
  • spackle knife
  • exterior caulk
  • caulk gun
  • plastic sheeting

First step- Pressure wash the walls- Using a pressure washer on the exterior of the house is giving it a good bath. Cleaning away years of dirt and grime that builds up over time. Start by cleaning the exterior of the house.

Second step- Repair minor damages- Fill in cracks, on wood us putty, on brick use cement or a substitute to fill in cracks where the old cement is breaking apart. On siding use an epoxy for cracks and holes.

Third step- Remove loose paint- Scrap any loose paint that you notice. Not removing the old paint, the new paint will not stick the surface of the house.

Fourth step-Prime stains- Using primer for keeping stains from building on the house is an excellent idea.

Fifth step-Cover lighting, windows, and other items- It is a good idea to cover up with plastic all windows, light fixtures and anything that is sticking out from the house, to not get paint on.

Sixth step-Painting the exterior- If using the same color that is on the house, no primer is needed. If the color will be different, then start with primer to keep stains away and then the color of the chose.

Seventh step-Trims and doors- When finished with the main walls of the house, take of the coverings on the windows, light fixtures and other items and start to paint the door and window trims.

Once all that is done, let the paint dry for a day and there you have it. A fresh and vibrant house. Ready for more years to enjoy and be happy about.