Very creative ways to remodel the home.(For those with money, but neat to look at).

For the home owner that is into making their home special and unique. Here are some creative ways to that are for each of the kid in us. Some are definitely extraordinary and probably way over budget.

Heated Driveways- A radiant heating system is installed under the drive way. Great for places that get a lot of snow.

Smart toilet- Remote controlled toilet, plays music, heated seat and more.

Bookshelf secret door- Just like in the movies.

Secret room under the stairs- Just like the movies.

Ping pong door- Each player has there own room to move around in while playing.

Staircase slide- Fun the kids, they get down stairs quicker. That is good.

Basement glass pool

Secret passage way- Can be under the island with a door on either end?

Sunken living room- Different view from the main floor.

Aquarium sink- Bathroom or kitchen sinks.

Stair case drawers- Great for hiding items from family.

Dog house under the stairs.

Cat walk- Up near the ceiling. Cat paths.

Foldable balcony- Two windows transform into a balcony.

Vacuum baseboards- No more picking up the piles of dirt off the floor.

Bathroom tile drawer.

Circular bookshelf.

Circular rotating sink- Turns 360%

Waterfall shower.

Birds nest bed- Only for kids, not real birds. A place for them to play or even take a nap in. They will be protected just like the baby birds.

Trans parent bath tub.

3D wall panels.

Under ground stream- Glass walk way through the home or in one room.

Infinity pool- Looking for one end of the pool, the other end looks like it goes on forever.

Heat sensing tile- When warm and hot water touch the tile, the tile changes color.