Ways to prevent the home from flooding.

  • Install foundation vents or a sump pump– Having a sump pump for the house, whether in the basement or around the house will help get the water out to keep the damage minimal.
  • Apply coatings and sealants– Using sealants on the walls, cracks, and tiny holes will help keep the water out from the inside. If you need help, consult an expert.
  • Raise your electrical outlets and switches. All outlets, switches, sockets and circuit breakers are required to be at least one foot above flood plain levels.
  • Install check valves on your pipes– Check to make sure there are check valves on all the pipes. This keeps sewage water from coming back into the house. Gate valves are preferred over flap valves, since they provide a better seal against flood pressure.
  • Grade your lawn away from the house– If the any of the yard is sloped towards the house, bring in a mix of clay dirt to help block from soaking in the ground and coming back to the house.
  • Leave space between mulch and siding– Moist mulch and ruin siding and bring water in the house, thru cracks and tiny holes.
  • Point your downspouts away from your home– Having the downspouts going away from the house will help prevent puddles forming and getting into the walls and eventually inside the home.