What type of fencing should I use around my home?

Throughout the years, fencing has been a big part of homes throughout the world. Each house is different in style and size. Some yards are small, medium, big or SUPER big. Let us look at the different types of fencings, the pros and cons of each one and then you the reader can decide what type is good for you.

*Wood fences- This is most common type of material for fencing. Wood is inexpensive and easy to build with. The different styles are privacy, security and ornamental. The patterns are board-on-board, stockade, dog-ear, and horizontal slats are all popular styles for backyard privacy. The down fall for using wood is over time the wood starts to riot and fall apart because of bugs and also weather. Every two or three years, the wood needs repainted or stained to keep it up.

*Iron fencing- Iron fencing is decorative and looks really nice in the front yard. This type can last for years if properly cared for and maintained. The fencing should be cleaned every year or two and have a rust resistant paint put on.

*Aluminum fencing- Aluminum is similar to iron as both are durable, last a long time and can be decorative to match the style of the house. Aluminum will not rust and not much maintenance is needed to keep it up.

*Vinyl fencing- Vinyl is one of the types that can be used for anything the home owner needs it for. Examples, privacy fences, picket fences, and split-rail fences. It can also be good for security, landscape decoration, pool fencing, and pet fencing. Vinyl will last a long time and really the only maintenance it needs is to be cleaned with a hose or pressure washing once a year. The downside is the cost.

*Composite fencing- Composite looks great and comes in different colors and styles. Most of them is wood patterns, there is also the option of rock texture. Easy to take care of and only needs to be sprayed with water to keep it looking clean. This type also comes with a cost.

Chain link fencing- One of the less costly types of fencing, it is great for security, to view through and in keeping other animals and people out or in. Easy to set up and really no maintenance needed. The downside is the curb appeal is not there.

*Bamboo- Bamboo, like wood is eco-friendly, easy to install and adds great character to the yard. Two ways to use bamboo is grow them in clumps or purchase rolled bamboo and install yourself. The downside is bamboo, like wood, attract bugs and pests and will destroy the bamboo.

*Masonry-Stone, brick and other rock material is great to look at and is appealing to all who look at it. Great for privacy, security and keeping in people and items. This type of fencing comes with price.

*Wire fencing- Low cost, simple to look at and simple to install. Hog wire is what most people use as fencing. It is good to keep animals out, to use for gardens and other stuff.

*Electric fencing- The cheapest type, but that is about all. It is good for dogs in keeping them inside the yard, except it does not keep out other animals from entering the yard.

Here is the info, now it is up to you to decide what type of fencing is best for the home.